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Check out the 2nd installment of the 20 C’s of Bugout Survival. Categories 11-20 are my own ideas, so feel free to use as a rough template to create your own system. Gear links below, which help out the channel. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Part 1 video:

20 C’s of Bugout Survival
1. Cutting tool
2. Combustion
3. Cover
4. Container
5. Cordage
6. Cotton bandana
7. Compass
8. Candlepower
9. Cargo tape/canvas needle
10. Clear water
11. Charging
12. Calories
13. Clothing
14. Cold weather
15. Combat tool
16. Clotting aid
17. Concentration
18. Currency
19. Cleanliness
20. Comfort

My watch Casio G-shock Mudmaster

Gear links (in order of appearance):
Mission darkness phone sleeve
Aloksak bags
Anker Powercore Slim 10000
Anker slim wall charger
Duluth small parts bag–medium-79259.html?srccode=BPSMART&ogmap=PLA%7CNB%7CBING%7C%7C%7C%7C%7CBing%20Shopping%20-%20Prospect%20-%20Smart_Out_Region%7CAd%20group%7C%7C396571661%7C1257841876478574&msclkid=41b4ce2458e717caf0dbada2d4518c27
Epic meat bars
Pro meal bars
LMNT electrolyte powder
Death Wish instant coffee
Raw sugar packets
Darn Tough socks
Condor black camp hat
Hestra Falt Guide gloves
Turtlefur beanie
Skull neck gaiter
Fjallraven Vidda Pro Padded Wool jacket
Road flare (see local auto parts store)
Quartermaster Knives Walter White–Quartermaster-Walter-White-ALF-5–70365
Helikon Tex mini medical pouch
Combat Gauze hemostatic z-fold
Swat-T Tourniquet
Brave Soldier antiseptic
New Skin liquid bandage
3M Vetbond glue
Steri strips
Caffeine green tea tabs
Salt Stick electrolyte capsules
Whole Foods Thinksmart capsules
Nootropic capsules
Wysi wipes
Lightload small towel
Travel disposable toothbrush
Travel eye drops
Classic Chapstick
Plastic Comb
Waterproof playing cards
Flask with built in shot glass
Cocoon inflatable travel pillow

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