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HOW TO BUILD five different fallout shelters to protect your family from the inevitable dangers of fallout produced by the use of nuclear weapons. This 1960s American Civil Defense Educational Film may be very dated but the information is still relevant today. These basic fallout shelters will not stand up to the direct blast of the modern nuclear arsenal but if you are in an area that is out of the blast zone they will help survive the radioactive fallout which will follow. There will also be a Nuclear winter to deal with and survival in the wasteland after that. However the basic of fallout shelter design, stocking supplies and essential knowledge for preppers.

– 1960s American Civil Defense Educational Film

Family Fallout Shelters — Civil Defense Home Preparedness Workshop Filmstrip 2 of 5 (1960)……
This video is a work of the United States Federal Government prepared by federal
government officers and/or employees as part of their official duties and is not
copyrightable and is in the public domain and free to use for any purpose
including commercial use.

“Family Fallout Shelters”
A filmstrip presentation produced in 1960 by the U.S. Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization for use in the “Home Preparedness Workshops” held in local communities. Target audience was the average American housewife and homemaker of the period. This is number 2 in a series of 5 filmstrips made by the OCDM for use in the Home Preparedness Workshop.
Producer: U.S. Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization
Keywords: civil defense; home preparedness; fallout shelter; CONELRAD; atomic; nuclear; cold war; filmstrip

link for the original 5 fallout shelter design book issued by USA government. In PDF

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