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Do you have an underground bunker in your backyard? If you haven’t build one yet, this video will help to you to choose 1 of the 5 best underground bunker to survive the coming doomsday.

For several decades’ prepping for a doomsday event has been a necessity for most people. This is very critical especially at these times when the future of humanity is uncertain in many ways. We have pandemics, social unrest and chaos all over and this means that we are living at very unpredictable times. For the older people, the events of the cold war are still fresh in their minds and the threat of a nuclear annihilation is still a big concern to them. When you mention a doomsday bunker, most people always imagine of a concrete underground room that has been filled with canned goods, bottles of water and other survival gear. The threat of a global annihilation in our days feels more real than even during the cold war. However, today’s high security shelters are not much different from their 20th century counterparts.

Globally, the demand for doomsday shelters has skyrocketed as people look for alternative means to protect themselves from any risks like asteroids, global pandemics, severe storms, tornadoes or even another world war. Most people are looking for a backyard underground bunker that not only offers high security but also luxury and comfort. We all need a doomsday shelter that can at least offer us the same comfort we get in our houses. Your grandfather’s underground bunker was not all that comfortable. It was metallic and looked like something from the military. People could not be comfortable in those bunkers for long in such a Spartan, bleak environment. We all need luxurious amenities like swimming pools, underground gardens with simulated natural light. With the current technology and advancements in construction, it is very simple to build a decent underground bunker in your backyard.

Over the last 5 years, the demand for these shelters has increased dramatically and some of the companies that construct these bunkers have reported an astonishing 700 percent increase in demand. Most of the great world elites like hedge fund managers, sports stars, tech executives and business titans are rumored to at least own a doomsday bunker or some of them have modified their homes to add underground secret shelters. Most of the doomsday bunkers are made up of steal and at the same time they are reinforced with layers of concrete. They hold food that can support the residents for many months if not years. Most bunkers are constructed to be withstand earthquakes and at the same time they are capable of resisting nuclear blasts.
These doomsday shelters come in different types based on the demand of particular individuals. People with a lot of cash can opt for custom bunkers that are designed from the ground up based on their specific requirements. Other people would prefer super large shelters, especially those who would prefer to ride difficult times in a doomsday community setting where they can have experiences that are almost similar to the real world. Most of these big community bunkers costs hundreds of millions. They are extremely big and they look similar to large military underground bunkers only that they have been redesigned with luxury amenities to serve normal people.
Usually these bunkers are designed to support human life regardless of what happens in the real world. They can secure one from nuclear blasts and even biological weapons. The come equipped with sustainable power supply systems, blast valves, waste removal systems, water purification systems and other systems that ensures the safety and survival of residents even under the worst circumstances. We have many companies that build these doomsday bunkers. These shelters come in all forms of designs and shapes based on individuals preferences. These are some of the homemade doomsday bunkers we out there that anyone can construct very easily.

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