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[April 2016 Update: I’m REALLY liking shipping containers as bug out shelters, and recently put together a guide with all kinds of resources to help you build your own. Check out my guide here:]

This bug out shelter offers a simple, low-cost, off-grid solution for a backup. Another REALLY cool option for emergency shelters that I’ve been looking at lately, is using a shipping container. Not the trendy, hipster, ultra-green shipping container houses that end up costing $400,000, but a simple, low-cost, bare bones shelter. They’re fairly easy to transport, super sturdy, and very low cost. I also found a couple of really great manufacturers that are making prefabricated survival shelters out of these. Complete details here if interested:….

If you guys aren’t into this kind of shelter, I would also look into kit cabins. In many cases, they are inexpensive, and can be assembled by just a few people using basic hand tools. I found some cool info on these kits, and also some cabins for sale in utah at this site:




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