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Here is my Bug out Base camp injoy

Hi there My name is The Ranger or Ranger I was challenge to make shorter video and better Quality one ..I also have Dyslexia sorry if you can’t understand me at time but I will do %110 .in all my Video
The Ranger Challenge
1. Shorter video and better Quality
2.Do all my video 15 min Max minimun of 10 min to get it all done
3.Take any Challenge you give me
4.If you have any Question I will Answer them to my best abilities

..So Please go to my Introduction for more info..
1. Using trash to Survival
2. EDC Every Day Carey
3.Bug out bag
4.Showing My HoBo
5.Showing my Camp
7.Going to Park’s
7.Recon of thing lol
8.Showing what i know
9.Building Thing New And old

PS I’m a made up Character call The Ranger or Ranger I’m a Clone 2215 …Clone from the Ranger Kooky Channel ..No I’m not doing Stolen Valor I like to wear BTU they or heavy duty clothes

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