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Backpack used
* IBEX 35:
* IBEX 26:

All items in this video

Off-Grid Trek Solar Blanket
* Use coupon code “cityprepping” at checkout for 10% off:

* Survival tarp/blanket:
* Bivvy sack:
* Mylar blanket:

* Water bladder:
* Water bottle:
* Water key:
* Sawyer water filter:​
* Purification tablets:
* Liquid hydration multipliers:
* Electrolyte tablets:
* Zipfizz energy:

* Red blinking light for backpack:
* Headlamp (USB chargeable):​
* Vipertek tactical flashlight:​
* Glowstick:

* Waterproof matches / BIC lighters:
* Fire rod:
* Firestarter (wetfire):
* Aluminum foil

* Compass:​
* InReach Mini GPS Satellite Communicator: (expensive but allows you to send text messages via a satellite connection)
* Map:

* Vipertek tactical flashlight:​
* Pepper spray:​
* Tactical keychain tool:
* Firearm (please secure it and observe state and federal laws when carrying)

Food (3 days worth)
These options for food are really up to you and your budget. There are a lot of options on the market and the ones I list below are different options based upon what works for you.
* Millennium Energy Bars:
* MRE:
* Freeze-dried food:

* Jacket
* Leather gloves:
* Pants
* Sport undergarments
* Boots
* Socks (wool socks that wick off moisture)
* Baseball cap
* Bandanas
* Ponchos:

* Ibuprofen:
* Israeli bandage:​
* Tourniquet: ​
* Moleskin:​
* Gauze:​
* Bandage wraps:​
* Sunscreen:
* Sting relief:
* Neosporin:
* Glue for cuts:
* Quikclot:
* First Aid Wipes:

Toiletries / Hygiene
* Hand sanitizer:
* Paper soap:
* Antiseptic wipes:
* Wipes/toilet paper:
* Bug repellent wipes:
* Female products
* Brush with mirror:
* Chapstick:
* Towel:

* Crank radio:
* Whistle:
* 2-way radios:
* HAM radio:
* Emergency signaling mirror:
* Rite in rain notebook:
* Pen

* Crank radio:
* Solar blanket:
* Power cords for all devices

* SAS survival guide:

* Morakniv:
* Multi-tool knife:
* Gorilla duct tape:
* Saw:
* Paracord:
* Zip ties:

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