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Can you go from a full flat grind to a convex grind? Plus, we’ve got alternatives to the Benchmade Bugout, 5th pocket-sized rescue knives, how to spot American-made steel, and what knives are suitable for outer space?

Featured Knives
KA-BAR USSF Collection:
Chris Reeve Sebenza Lunar Landing Edition:
Spyderco Chaparral Sun & Moon:
Condor Heavy Duty and K-TACT Kukris:
Work Sharp Ken Onion Sharpener:
Boker Plus Rescom:
resqme Quick Car Escape:
Miyabi Cutlery Kitchen Knives:
Benchmade Bugout:
Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight:
SOG Terminus XR LTE:
Hogue Deka:

0:00 Intro
0:39 Space-themed Knives
3:45 Kukri Fixed Blades for Bushcraft
6:47 Creating a Convex Edge
9:39 Rescue Knives for 5th pocket carry
12:02 Premium Kitchen Knives to Buy One at a Time
14:52 Benchmade Bugout Alternatives
18:38 What Steels are USA-made?

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“Alone” footage © History Channel

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