Modular Sleep System Pouch – Rare – LBT-6130A

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Now this is an awesome piece of military gear which allows for you to carry the Modular Sleep System on the outside of your Backpack!

Link : eBay (Good Luck)

Price : Whenever these appear on eBay, $20 – $30 is very common

Weight : around 3lbs

Color : Coyote Brown Only or at least, that is the only color that I have seen them in.

What makes this pouch so desirable as it is one of the very few systems that was developed to handle the Modular Sleep System ; The sleeping bags and the bivy while giving the soldier the ability to attach it to the outside of the backpack instead of taking up massive amounts of space inside of the rucksack.

Introduced around 2007; VERY little information is available concerning this pouch.

Made by London Bridge Trading Co.
This pouch is designed to carry a modular sleeping system, or act as a very large GP (general purpose pouch).
The pouch can either be MOLLED onto the outside of a rucksack, or simply placed in the pack
The LBT-6130A Modular Sleeping System Pouch can store a variety of different sleeping bags and systems. Outside cinch straps allow you to compress items that are stored within the pouch giving it a lower profile. The inside features an expandable interior with cord drawstring closure.
ID window
Four (4) adjustable buckle closure
Four (4) MOLLE straps with snaps
MOLLE webbing featuring three (3) rows and ten (10) columns
Interior drawstring closure with barrel lock
Carrying handle


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