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You can call it a Get Home Bag, a Truck Bag, an Emergency Survival Kit or whatever you want, as long as you have one. This is what I keep in my vehicle at all times, in case of emergencies. I use a regular backpack but a tactical pack might be tougher.

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Survival Tabs Emergency Food Tabs:

Pathfinder Trade Knife:

Pocket Chain Saw:

Gerber Gator Folding Knife:

Adventure Medical Pocket Survival Kit:

Photon Freedom Micro Light with Shield:

Swiss Army Classic Knife:

LMF Mini Firesteel (better then the Boy Scout one):

Stormproof Matches:

Princeton Tec Blast Waterproof Flashlight:

SOL Emergency Blanket:

Keychain Pill Bottle (I use for matches):

Bic Lighter:

Zipper Pull Compass and Thermometer:

Gorilla Tape:

Suunto MC-2 Compass:

Pacing Beads:

Thrunite TH10 Headamp:

Mora Companion Knife:

Battle Horse Knives Highlander Flat Grind:

Berkey Sport Water Filter Bottle:

Emergency Flares are crazy to buy online so no link.

Sabra Gear Partner Mid Size Pouch:!product/prd1/3324125041/partner

Survivor Personal Water Filter (I like this instead of Renovo):

Hidden Woodsman Pouches and Gear:


Pathfinder Canteen Cookset:

Mini Inferno Fire Starters:

Schrade Folding Shovel:

Prepare 1 First Aid Kit:

Marmot Connect Gloves (I had a weak moment at REI):

Light Sticks:

100% Wool Blanket: I bought mine on eBay. Good luck.

Hennessey Hammock Large Rain Fly:

Wetterlings Hunter’s Axe:

Silky Folding Saw (I had taken it out but it’s usually there):

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Klik Belt:

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