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Bugouts™ are a new kind of shelter. They’re really tarps with walls. They’re very simple to use, you just tie them between trees or support them with poles just like any other tarp. But the difference is, the mesh walls make a relaxing flying-insect-free haven for enjoying life in camp. Set up the Bugout™ over a picnic table, along a river’s edge, in the jungle, between two Land Rovers on a safari, or wherever you need a bug-free zone, some shade, or protection from the rain. Bugouts™ also work brilliantly with hammocks. All Bugouts™ have two doors that allow you to pass your hammock ropes through and still zip them shut. Whether enjoying a big campsite meal with friends and family, or a quiet night of solitude in your hammock, it’s even more fun and relaxing when you don’t have to fret the bugs.

Products You May Like

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