Pace Count and Ranger Beads – Map and Compass Skills – Video 5

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Knowing your pace count can come in handy for certain types of map and compass work. It will allow you to do a pretty good job of measuring longer distances in the field. If you do any Orienteering it is crucial knowledge. It is also necessary if you want to try your hand at Geocaching the old fashioned way, without a GPS.

I used a 100 foot measuring tape to lay out my course to determine my pace count. It would be easier to use one of the measuring wheels that you roll along to measure distance. I have one for my job, but most people don’t so I tried to show a method that would be more readily available. If you don’t have a 100 foot tape a shorter one will work, just use more stakes. Also I used home made stakes. the yellow plastic ones would be easier to see.

Finally, make sure you lay out your course on unlevel terrain and walk it back and forth several times to get a better average. Most grown ups will be somewhere around the 55- 65 pace range. Also, if possible, wear whatever gear you would normally be carrying in the field so you get a realistic count.

Just remember:

100 meters = 328 feet – 1 inch

If you need some Ranger Beads (also called pace count beads), there are a lot of styles on Amazon. They all work the same, it just depends on your fashion sense. I got the cheapest ones I could find:

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