Preparing for Storms Before, During and After: Prepper School Vol. 41

Survival Tips

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Threat Assessment : Extreme Wind damage, Flooding, Power Outage, No Cell, Looters, Injuries

Evacuation Plan: Route, Prioritize Supplies, High Value Items

Bunker In
Have supplies on hand ahead of time. (Don’t Procrastinate)
List Valuable Items / have important Docs protected
Harden your Home : Hurricane Shutters)
Square away your yard
Have a black out box : Check Supplies)
Drinking Water
Tools (Ax, Pry Bars, Chain Saws, Hammers, etc)
Have an Evac Plan

Remain Calm (Better Decisions)
Find Shelter
Stay out of Danger (Don’t take unnecessary risk)

Access damage
Help Neighbors
Avoid Unnecessary Risk
Stay or go: Have travel items ready (Prioritize High Value Items)

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