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Everyone (most smart people) carry a little bit of something to make life easier, just incase a situation happens; some carry more than others. What you define as an “Emergency” may be different from what others view as an “emergency.” For many women, being prepared just means having a couple Tampons in your purse. For many men, being prepared just means paying a monthly fee to have “Road-side Assistance” for their vehicle.

Some of us “concerned citizens” carry a bit more than that; with a bag full of items covering medical, food, water, and shelter. For some, they think they are “Prepared” by just leaving the house with their phone and a pistol.

IF you are one of those that packs a bag of some sort, I hope that you try to cover all the Basics of Survival. We actually have a video detailing them that you can find in our video archive.

However, have you ever asked someone ELSE to inspect your bag? Many wont, because admittedly we don’t want to be embarrassed for lacking in certain areas. That said, Constructive Criticism is how we get better.

What better way to check your Bugout/Go Bag than to have a Survival Expert inspect it? Who better to inspect it than the infamous Survival author Chris Weatherman? Chris, aka Angery American, is the author of the “Home” series of fictional post-apocalyptical survival novels and co-author of the great non-fictional book: “Decline and Decay.”

Chris invited the Tactical Rifleman team into his home and his world and I am honored to consider Chris a friend. While we were visiting, Chris had another buddy over, Russ Sawyer, who volunteered to have his bag inspected on camera; so all of us could learn from his choices & mistakes. I wanted to give Russ a big “Thanks” on the internet for being humble enough to do it for us. That takes BALLs.

You will be seeing more of the whole Angery American crew here on Tactical Rifleman. Chris, if you are watching, we are looking forward to having you up in Kentucky anytime you want. Be sure to bring Donnie and Mel.

Strength & Honor, TR.

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