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The BEST Tarp Shelter for your survival kit, bug-out bag, and backpack!

For the value, it ABSOLUTELY is.

With this inexpensive tarp, some paracord, 4 small tent stakes, and a few knot skills, you can have a very versatile piece of survival kit that will give you immediate shelter in under a minute or less.

Buy the tarp-

Be sure to read all of the reviews; MANY of the reviews came from customers who used these for months and then had issues. I intend to show the effectiveness and the quality you can get with this brand/style and size of tarp for your immediate need for cover and shelter.

This tarp is a pack it up in your survival kit and forget about it shelter item. If you added a reflective space blanket, you would be winning.

To make the shelter in the above video, you will need:

1- Outdoor Products Nylon Backpackers Tarp 5×7
1- 25ft of paracord
4- Small Aluminum Tent Stakes

and know how to tie your shoes!!!
***The level of knot tying skills required to create the lean-to shelter configuration in the video above***

That’s it.
Survival is simple, or it can be much less complicated if you plan SMARTER.

Your survival kit or emergency shelter option should be lightweight and easy to put up when you need it.

Why complicate it with intricate gear, multiple ropes, guy lines, and many unnecessary complex knots.

This is a shelter that is more than adequate and won’t break the bank.

Add to it if you will, but you can’t really take away much from this except the clever use of the grommets and a simple “Lark’s head” knot: the knot shown in the middle of the tarp at the top and spanning outwards towards the furthest grommet holes along the top edge of the tarp.
The paracord “ridgeline” is what holds the tarp and supports the shelter between 2trees.

This is “tarp prepping” method can be used with safety/emergency blankets, larger tarps, and even mil-spec rain ponchos!!

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Products You May Like

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