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This is how to disassemble a Benchmade Bugout (or any axis lock knife for that matter) and install new omega springs. This video contains general tips for disassembling any knife.

0:00 Intro
0:18 What you’ll need
2:34 Disassembling the knife
7:43 Washer orientation
9:35 Omega Spring installation
11:07 Reassembly (“Sandwich Method”)
15:08 Lubricating
19:58 Dialing in pivot action
24:23 Loctiting the pivot
24:35 Removing dried Loctite
25:22 Applying the Loctite
27:09 Recentering the blade

Tools Used in Video (affiliate links)

Wiha Stubby Handle:
Loctite Blue 242:
Knife Pivot Lube (KPL):

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