“THE HUT” E1- Locating a Camp Spot-Hauling Logs-Bacon on a Rock.

Survival Skills
Link to “The Scout” Model from Adventure Sworn


This is the first episode in a new series I will be making entitled, “The Hut” This will be a bushcraft build series, where I build a large, group shelter on my property.
I plan to use this location to constantly improve the hut camp, learn new skills, dust up on old skills, and have a place to take my family out for some fun in the woods.
In this episode, I scout out the perfect location for the hut to be built, I find a big score of a bunch of peeled cedar logs to use to help build the hut. I haul those logs to the future hut site, cook up some bacon on a rock, and have some unusual visitors 🙂
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