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Urban Knife Guy shares his Urban Apartment Bugout Bag as part of Emergency Preparedness.

This is a 50L military-style backpack designed for bugging out of an apartment unit in a city.

Check out videos on some of the items in the bag below:

Leatherman Rebar for Urban & Outdoor Survival

Water Survival Gear

Best Water Canteens

Big Blue (Upgraded) Solar Charger

Lionsteel M3 Fixed Blade

Urban Survival Pouch

How to Make Waxed Jute

Urban Survival Tin for Disruption, Disaster & Attack

Check out Urban Knife Guy’s take on a survival tin designed to increase chances of survival and rescue or escape specifically in an urban environment should things go bad.

Download the free Urban Survival Tin guide with details, photos and product links for the different items inside the tin at

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